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Certification for Individuals

Credentials are critical in a complex market. Brainbox Foundation provides you the opportunity for employers to recognize your knowledge and commitment. Prove your knowledge and differential yourself from the competition. Improving industry professionalism is every individual's responsibility.

Gain Recognition
Link to your digital transcript, from your website, blog, email signature and resume.

Earn More Money
Certified professionals can earn more because their experience is proven.

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Set your resume apart with certifications that are specific to the AV industry.

Exams are Free
You won't spend a penny until you know it's worth it.

AV Certification for Audio Visual Professionals

Brainbox Foundation's Certified AV Professional (CAVP) series offers the only knowledge-based certification process that validates professional talent in the professional audio visual (AV) industry. Whether you want to improve your resume, help your firm stand out from competitors, or simply bring additional professionalism to the market, the CAVP program will help you showcase your expertise.

The CAVP series offers multiple certification options through micro-exams. CAVP exams provide a universal measure of technical proficiency and expertise by evaluating your overall comprehension of relevant topics. Select a topic and get started.

Certification Exam
Control System Troubleshooting Fundamentals CAVP-CSTF
Programming Fundamentals CAVP-PF
Video Fundamentals CAVP-VF
Wi-Fi Fundamentals CAVP-WFF