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Control System Troubleshooting Fundamentals

Audience Profile

The Brainbox Foundation Control System Troubleshooting Fundamentals exam is intended for professionals experienced with control systems in the ProAV industry. The exam focuses on general troubleshooting methods, and basic knowledge that all individuals should posses to work as a control systems programmer or system commissioner. This is a manufacturer-independent certification intended for professionals who work in both residential and commercial environments.

Topics Covered

  • Analog Video
  • A/V Basics
  • A/V Troubleshooting
  • Basic Logic
  • Control Systems
  • Network Basics
  • Numeric
  • Serial Communication


This exam has 25 true/ false and multiple choice questions. They are randomly selected from a larger pool to ensure exam integrity. Questions are categorized and you will be provided a detailed break-down of categorized results upon completion.

Time: 14 minutes
Scoring: At the conclusion of the exam your final score is derived as a percentage of questions answered correctly.
Passing Score: 80%
Attempts: This exam may be taken a maximum of 2 times

Exam Controls

During the exam you will see the exam controls across the bottom of the screen.

Question Count: Progress bar and counter indicate the current question and number of remaining questions.
Elapsed Time: Progress bar indicates the elapsed time compared to the maximum time allowed.
Next: When you complete a question, click the Next button to move to the next question. It is not possible to return to previous questions.

Do not use your browser's navigation buttons (back, refresh, etc.) during the exam.

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