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About Micro-exams

Brainbox micro-exams are brief, focused examinations on specific areas of knowledge and expertise. Our exams are thoughtfully designed, meaningful certification resources.

Industry certifications are traditionally earned be attending specific courses, often at significant cost and inconvenience, or by passing standardized exams. Our philosophy is different.

First, our micro-exams are knowledge-based. Many certifying bodies provide a study guide, then quiz you on what you just studied. This is not a measure of knowledge. Such exams can often be passed simply through rote memorization. Our exams are different. Knowledge-based exams require you to have experience and truly know the material. We do no offer study guides or exam question outlines. For each exam, we describe the expected audience profile and give a brief explanation of the topics covered, but that's it.

Brainbox micro-exams are convenient and free. Available 24 hours a day, and require only that you create a user profile. Upon successfully completing an exam you are provided inexpensive options to promote yourself and share your certification.

Lastly, our exams are short. Successful examinees often complete them in less then 10 minutes. Micro-exams can be taken individually and in any order. However, we group them into certification tracks to build Master Certifications. Brainbox is a scalable, self-paced certification tool that's extremely convenient and very inexpensive.